Fox family?

Fox - Programming language
The Fox programming language is written in C / C ++ and Java and is very versatile. Among others Fox will be writing the Fox Operating System. The language corresponds to the smaller and the larger denominations Both of them. You can write scripts, but it's also perfect for managing real-time processes. If you're a novice programmer or Fox, I recommend it with its simple structure and easy-to-understand commands A beginner is very easy to handle.

Fox - Operating System
The FOX operating system, an easy-to-use, clean, customizable, interesting feature-rich operating system. Our goal is that user lifestyle, speed, usability and transparency captivate the user. Raised your personal, business and family benefits. Each branch has its specificity and is therefore more unique than we would think.

Fox - Smartphone
Our product is the future, innovation, manageability, security, and design all over the world with the new generation of phones. A beautiful, seductive design with the latest technology, all in a durable metal housing.

Other Projects

Here you can read about the various projects currently running!

FOX product line

The Fox range has many exciting new ideas. Satisfies both the average person and a specialist! It is a perfect choice for people with knowledgeable and less experienced IT skills too!


Rawadon Mobile

The mobile look of the Rawadon Beta version, which is a separate app for Android on Google Play!


Rawadon Web

Rawadon Web Beta version.



Currently, only paper-based project, because R[OS] will be a mobile operating system in the future!!